Center Stage Company

Comp Sparkle

Center Stage offers several competitive teams.  Company is for the more serious dance student who is looking for a challenge.  Our company members are selected in the spring and summer through a company audition.  Our goal for all of our dancers, including our company members, is to help them reach their potential in a fun, positive learning environment.


Arise: Aug. 14-16th (Mon-Wed), 5-7pm
Astonish: Aug. 7-9th (Mon-Wed), 7-9pm
Blaze: Aug. 7-9th (Mon-Wed), 5-7pm
Bloom: Aug. 14-15th (Mon, Tues), 5-7pm
Delight: Aug. 9-11th (Wed-Fri), 5-7pm
Excel: Aug. 14-16 (Mon-Wed), 7-9pm
Radiate: Aug. 7-9th (Mon-Wed), 7-9pm
Pom: Aug. 7-8th (Mon, Tues), 5-7pm
Jr. Hip-Hop: Aug. 17-18th (Thurs, Fri), 7-9pm
Hip-Hop Co. : Aug. 10-11th (Thurs, Fri), 7-9pm
Company camps are mandatory. Students will be working on technique, doing team-building activities, and starting their competition routines. We look forward to seeing them there!