Center Stage Dance Moms (and Dads)

“Dance Moms” – somehow that phrase has become somewhat negative in the past few years.  It may have a lot to do with a tv show that follows a group of moms whose daughters compete at several dance competitions.  I can’t watch the show.   I tried once.  The mean-spirited competitiveness was just not enjoyable for me to watch.  It’s the opposite of what we strive to create at Center Stage.  We have several competition teams, and make no mistake, we like to win (who doesn’t), but more importantly, I want the girls to learn self-confidence, showmanship, and pride in what they do.

I’m so pleased with the wonderful group of parents we have at Center Stage.  They don’t push their children; they support them and encourage them.  If you walk our studio hallways, you might hear our parents praising each others’ kids.  During competition, all of the moms are congratulating each of our dancers as they walk off the stage.  This is the environment we want to create, and thanks to all of our awesome parents, together we have achieved this.  Positivity has a way of spreading, so keep it up all of you amazing Center Stage dance moms (and dads)!

I hope your kids appreciate all you do for them from sewing sequins to making hair pieces to constructing props to driving back and forth to the studio.  Dance moms and dads rock!

Dance Comp 001

And talk about support – dance moms make their kids feel like royalty with all those pictures!

Spring 2013 016

Even in-class performances draw a big crowd of supporters.  Center Stage students, I hope you know you are loved!

Feb 2014 132

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  1. I could not agree with you more! Love this post. We have had such a great experience at center stage this year. We have felt welcomed by everyone. I also feel like all the moms on our dance team are happy for all our little girls to succeed. It’s a very positive and encouraging environment. I feel like my girls have also learned a lot and grown so much this year!

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