Thank You Mom!

Our kids don’t always remember to thank us for the things we do for them.  You probably don’t hear them saying, “Thanks Mom for the ride,” as you drop them off at dance class or sports, but they show us in lots of other ways.  It would still be nice to hear though, so we decided to ask some of our students what they would like to thank mom for when it comes to dance.  It was obvious from their answers that they truly appreciate everything you do for them.  Here are some of their sweet responses.

I would say thank you Mom for . . .

– letting me try out for company (Phoebe, 4)

– putting up with me during fast costume changes (Jordyn, 13)

– dealing with my evil ‘gingerness’ at competitions, and I love you mother! (Abbey, 13)

– making sure I have extra stuff for class and competitions (Elli, 11)

– making sure my back walkovers are very nice (Emmaline, 7)

– always teaching me ‘swag’ hip hop moves, and I love you! (Brylee, 13)

– always being there for me and supporting me (Hannah, 12)

– driving me every day (Allison, 12)

– helping me get ready for competition (Maggie, 12)

– encouraging me to do my best (Lily, 9)

– giving me the opportunity to do what I love (Bailey, 14)

– supporting me for everything (Kylen, 13)

– paying for all my expensive costumes (Cailin, 12)

– letting me dance and do solos (Brynn, 11)

– paying for all my classes (Cierra, 12)

– letting me do my solo and letting me do a dangerous trick (Kailey, 8)

– letting me do company (Izzy, 8)

– taking me to dance class (Sarah, 6)

– driving me to practice and to my competitions (Penelope, 7)

– paying for everything and letting me dance (Jillian, 12)

– letting me have treats after dance class (Grace, 5)

– dancing with me (Mia, 5)

– letting me dance and get pretty costumes (Emmalyn, 5)

– helping me to do my best (Marissa, 8)

– helping me do my hair and stuff (Bella S, 8)

– reminding me to smile in my dance (Meadow, 7)

– getting me to class on time (Haley, 7)

– helping me with my back walkover (Alyssa, 7 and Abby, 7)

– bringing me to practice (Lily, 8)

– teaching me my left and right (Madelyn, 6)

mom2 mom1

Thank you moms for all of these loving things you do and so much more!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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