Dance in Leander: Convention 2019

This past weekend several of our dancers traveled from Leander to Grapevine to attend Showstoppers dance convention. The convention allows the dancers to experience a variety of styles and learn from dance masters. Many of the instructors at the convention have been on So You Think You Can Dance or performed as a Rockette or have choreographed for Broadway musicals. Being exposed to various dance and teaching styles helps our dancers grow as young artists.

Some of our younger dance students from Center Stage in Leander in the Mini room at convention.

Our youngest dancers attended classes specifically designed for their age. The classes were upbeat and fun. Our dancers loved their classes and loved hanging out together.

Some of our Junior dance students at Showstoppers.

Our Junior students had several choices of classes to take. Some preferred the jazz and lyrical classes, while others enjoyed hip-hop more. They even had the chance to take a belly dance class!

Two of our Senior group students at convention.
Some of our Senior group students and Ms. Carla in a Hip-Hop class at convention.

Our Senior students were challenged in their classes, and they made us proud! Some of our dance students in this group went to more of the musical theater and acting classes, while other went to more of the jazz and hip-hop classes. In Fik-Shun’s class (winner of So You Think You Can Dance), two of our students, Kendall and Caylin, were selected to do the show off round for executing the dance well.

Dance students from Center Stage in Leander during one of the breaks at convention.

During the breaks, our dancers enjoyed time together at the water park. The convention is held at Great Wolf Lodge, so the dancers had a blast riding water slides. I’m not sure if they enjoyed dancing or water slides more, but either way, we know they had a great time!

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