Dance in Leander: Dance Showcase Competition

Dancers from Center Stage in Leander getting ready to compete at Dance Showcase competition.

Our last competition of the season was Dance Showcase at Bastrop Performing Arts Center. This competition ran like competitions in the past where we were able to watch other dancers from other studios perform as well. There were still distancing measures and we got our own dressing rooms, but overall, it felt normal. I hope competitions keep the protocol of each studio having their own dressing area. That was super nice! Our dancers enjoyed watching other performances at this competition.

Dancers from Center Stage in Leander executing a dance lift beautifully on stage.

Our dancers gave amazing performances. All of the dances looked great on stage, and our dancers left the stage full of confidence and pride. Several of our dancers earned Double Platinum and Platinum awards as well as Overall awards with our Illuminate team earning 1st Overall! The most important part to me though is that the dancers leave knowing they danced their best.

Dancers from Center Stage in Leander having fun backstage before they competed.

When we got back to the studio after competition, I asked the dancers what they enjoyed most about the competition. Some said that they loved that it felt like a normal competition. It has been a year of “not normal” so they were all excited that this felt more like normal. Others said that their favorite part was dancing on stage. It’s been a year since they danced on a stage. Many competitions and our recital had to be moved to other venues as not many performing arts centers are allowing outside organizations to rent their facility during the pandemic. We look forward to being able to dance on the stage more often next year hopefully. Some students said their favorite part was just hanging out with their friends backstage. As there was more time between dances at this competition, the students were able to spend more time hanging out with friends. This makes my heart happy because this is where the memories are made.

If you are interested in auditioning for one of our 2021-2022 company teams, we are holding auditions on May 14th. Please email us at for more information.

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