Dance in Leander: Dance Classes

So your child has expressed an interest in dance classes – now what? We often get the question of “what class should my child take?” The answer is a bit complicated as there are several genres of dance, and we haven’t gotten to know your child yet. We like to ask what type of music your child enjoys dancing to in order to help narrow down which dance class they may enjoy the most. In addition, we like to know what dance goals your child has. Some dancers are looking to audition for their school dance team or college dance team, so we can recommend classes that will help prepare them for those auditions.

Most people are familiar with Ballet as it has been around for ages, and many have seen ballet performances. At Center Stage in Leander, we teach classical ballet classes beginning with our Ballet (5-7 years old) classes. Students will learn proper technique and alignment. We continue through to advanced ballet classes for our older students as well as pointe classes.

Students who prefer a more free-flowing style than classical ballet may enjoy the Lyrical/Contemporary classes. We start these classes at age eight. Lyrical dance will often tell a story through the movement and dance.

Lyrical dancers from Center Stage in Leander

At Center Stage in Leander, we offer Jazz classes starting at age 5-7 years. In Jazz classes, students will learn proper jazz technique, various turns, leaps, and center combinations. Jazz dance can encompass various jazz styles including pop jazz, musical jazz, broadway jazz, and jazz funk.

For students looking for a fast-paced class with upbeat, fun music, we offer Hip-Hop classes starting at age five years going through advanced Hip-Hop classes. Hip-Hop dance incorporates body isolations, free form movement, complex footwork, and tricks.

At Center Stage in Leander, students who are wanting to further their jazz technique and/or audition for their school dance team may want to enroll in our Dance/Drill class for ages 12-18 years old and our Leaps & Turns class for ages 12-18 years old. Both of these classes help prepare students for auditions by improving their alignment, flexibility, turn technique, and kick technique.

Hip-Hop dancers from Center Stage in Leander

One of our most popular classes at Center Stage is our Musical Theater classes. These classes always fill quickly. In these classes, students enjoy learning all about musical theater including singing, acting, and dancing!

At Center Stage in Leander, we also offer Tap classes for ages 5 years through teens. Tap dance includes percussive footwork to create various rhythms. Tap is a great class to work on musicality and performance.

For our youngest dancers in the 2.5-3 year old or 4-5 year old age groups, we have combination classes that include Ballet and Tap. These classes build the foundation of ballet and tap skills as well as incorporate creative movement. Our goal at Center Stage in Leander is to foster a love for dance from their very first class through their entire dance journey!

Dancer from Ballet/Tap class at Center Stage in Leander

Please reach out to us with any questions, so we can help find the perfect class for your dancer to take Center Stage!

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