Dance in Leander: 18th Annual Dance Showcase!

We held our 18th Annual Dance Showcase on June 13-14 in Round Rock. We were so excited to be able to be back on the big stage after two years of modified dance showcases during covid restrictions. Our showcase in 2020 was held at an outdoor pavilion in Leander, and our showcase in 2021 was held in an event center. We were proud of our teachers, dancers, and dance families who adapted to make sure the show went on during those unusual times, but we sure were delighted to be back in a theater for 2022!

Our dancers performed their dances beautifully. It was a great show from our tiniest dancers who were absolutely adorable on stage to our most advanced groups who stunned the audience. Every dance and every dancer that steps on that stage is special. For some, it is their very first time to perform in front of an audience. We love watching them overcome their stage fright and shine on stage. For others, they have found their passion and perform gracefully on stage each year. It is a joy to watch our dancers do what they love! We look forward to starting a new season soon and continuing to watch our dancers learn new skills, grow as dancers, and perform.

Dancers from Center Stage in Leander perform at their annual dance recital.
Ballet students from Center Stage in Leander dance gracefully on stage at their annual dance recital.
A contemporary duet from Center Stage in Leander perform their dance at their dance showcase.
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