Dance of the Trusses

Watching the trusses being placed was a bit like watching an aerial performance.  They were lifted into the air, spun around, and placed in their perfect spot to make the formation precise.  My kids and I watched several trusses being placed.  We were all entertained by the performance.  Once the trusses were placed, you could really envision what the building was going to look like.

May phone 045

Walls began going up enclosing our new dance space. Below is a view of Studio A looking through into the lobby and hallway.

May phone 088

Here is a view of Studio C with trusses in place before the sheet rock went up.

May phone 091

Here is a view of the lobby.

May phone 093

Wow!  It’s really starting to look like a building.

May phone 051

The front facade gave the skeleton of the building a nice face lift.

July 14 072

Scaffolding is in place for stucco and columns are being added.  (And a cute little boy is loving playing in all the dirt!)

July 14 161

Our huge front windows have arrived and are waiting to be hung.

July 14 160

Stucco work has begun, and the building is ready for stone.

July 14 219

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