Loving Our New Dance Home in Leander

It’s been quiet on the blog lately.  We have been really busy getting all settled into our new dance home.  We finished up the studio and passed all our inspections in just the nick of time.  You know how they rush around to make all the final touch ups on those home improvement shows.  Well, it was exactly like that.  My husband and I along with friends and family spent many long days and late nights in the studio getting it ready to open on time.  Somehow, to our surprise, we did open on time!  We had a wonderful open house celebration, and then our doors opened in September to all of our amazing dance families.

dance 3
Grand Opening of Center Stage in Leander! 

Halloween at the studio was a lot of fun.  Students and teachers came dressed in costumes.  It was a fun week seeing all of our dancers come to class in all of their cute costumes.

dance 2
At Center Stage, we have the cutest kitties, fairies, and princesses in all of Leander.

Some of our competition teams performed at the Living Leander Expo at the end of November.  We love having a chance to perform for our community.  This was their first performance of the year.  They are looking forward to performing their dances several more times as competition season is approaching.

Dec. 14 004
Some of our company dancers at Center Stage performed at the Living Leander Expo.

In December, we hosted a Tumbling Toy Drive to collect toys for A World for Children foster/adoption agency.  Our students brought wonderful toys to donate.  Then we had fun working on tumbling skills.  It was a fun event, and we collected a lot of toys to donate.

dance 1
Our Center Stage Tumbling Toy Drive was a great success.  Our students did dance and tumble classes and brought toys to donate to kids in the Cedar Park/Leander/Round Rock area.

The new studio is definitely starting to feel like “home”.  When you walk in, you can see students hanging out together in the lobby waiting for class to start or gathering on the front porch on nice days after class.  You can see parents talking in the hallway as they watch their children in class.  And, of course, you can see lots of dancing going on in the dance studio rooms.  A feel of energy and community and friendship has already found its way into the walls.  Yes, we most definitely are loving our new dance home.


Voted Best Dance Studio in Cedar Park/Leander!
Providing quality dance classes to the Leander/Cedar Park/Liberty Hill area since 2004


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