Daddy/Daughter Dance


One of the most popular recital dances each year is our Daddy/Daughter Dance. If your daughter is dancing in the Spotlight or Premiere recital show, we welcome you to participate! At Center Stage, we like the whole family to be involved in the dancer’s training. A great way for our dance dads to become involved in their daughter’s dance experience is by participating in the Daddy/Daughter Dance.

Don’t worry dads – we won’t make you do complicated dance moves. We are more concerned with the experience you have with your daughter. We will choreograph a fun, easy-t0-learn routine where you and your daughter are dance partners. Dads and daughters come to two dance practices (see below) and then perform at the recital.

We love seeing our awesome dance dads share in this experience with their daughters, and we love seeing the dancers’ faces light up with pride and excitement as their daddies walk into the studio. This experience is sure to be one your daughter will not forget!

Pricing: $35 per father/daughter duo

Spotlight Practice Dates:  Sun. May 15th 3-5pm and Sun. June 5th 3-5pm

Spotlight Performance Attire: Daughters – solid white shirt, black leggings. Dads – white polo or t-shirt, black jeans/slacks, any baseball cap

Premiere Practice Dates:  Sat. May 14th 2-4pm and Sat. June 4th 2-3:30pm

Premiere Performance Attire: Daughters: Recital t-shirt ($18), black leggings. Dads – polo shirt and jeans

Must be present at both practices to participate!

If your daughter is in both Spotlight and Premiere, you may choose which show to participate in. Additional daughters may participate for $25 each. They must also already be dancing in Spotlight or Premiere.

Sign up at our front desk or by calling 512-259-0445!

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