5 Reasons to Continue Dancing This Summer


As we are nearing the end of our dance year, it’s time to start thinking about plans for SUMMER. Are you planning on hitting up the beach? Reading great books? Traveling to see family? Summer is filled with so many great options for families with young ones. At Center Stage, we offer summer dance classes, camps, and intensives! Here are some important reasons to continue dancing this summer:

REASON 1: Explore new dance styles!

Since our summer session is only six weeks long, it’s a perfect opportunity to try out a new style of dance. Never tried hip-hop? Or tap, lyrical, pom, etc.? The summer session is a short commitment, and you never know what you might enjoy! Trying new dance styles keeps students well-rounded and can give them a fresh appreciation for dance.

REASON 2: Keep yourself conditioned!

We all have been tempted to lounge around at home on those hot summer days. It’s a great idea to commit to even a small amount of physical activity over the summer in order to keep your body conditioned. Stepping into a cool dance studio is also a refreshing escape from the bright summer sun.

REASON 3: Improve your technique!

For dedicated dancers, it is extremely important to continue technical training. Since there are no recital or competition dances to learn during the summer session, there is more freedom to focus on specific areas to improve. Want to nail that pirouette every time? Or raise your releve, perfect that Russian, or be able to hold your leg extension? Summer classes provide more flexibility for improving specific technique.

REASON 4: Have a little structure!

When school starts in the fall, it’s often a struggle to get back into a rigid schedule. By staying involved in dance classes even once a week, this scheduled activity can help ease that transition when summer is over.  Consider letting some dance classes be a part of your little one’s summer schedule!

REASON 5: Meet new teachers and friends!

One of the greatest benefits to dancing over the summer is getting to work with new fellow students and new teachers. There is much to be gained from developing strong friendships with your dance teammates, and the new session of classes allows new friendships to be formed. Receiving instruction from a new teacher is incredibly helpful, and often super fun!


Our summer classes schedule is now released, as well as our camps/intensives schedule. They can be found on the Home Page of our website. We can’t wait for summer activities to begin and for you to join us for the ride!



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