Center Stage Dance Photos

Studio recital pictures are just around the corner.  Our studio pictures this year will be on April 23-24.  For most of our students, picture day is the first time they get to wear their sparkly new costumes!  The costumes have been hanging high in the closet unable to be touched, but on picture day, the costumes are put on, hair and make up is done, and our dancers get to show off their beautiful smiles.

For years to come, you will look back on your child’s dance photos and remember how much fun their dancing years were.  You will reflect on how much they have grown and remember those tiny ballet shoes they first owned.  Here is a look back on some of our photos through the years.

One of my favorite photos to pose students for is for photos of sisters, cousins, and friends.  We don’t have to remind them to smile because they are usually already acting silly together, so their smiles come naturally.

Even in just a few short years, your baby dancer changes into a poised little girl.

Camdyn H (age 2.5 and age 5)

In just a few more years, your little dancer turns into a young lady, and you wonder where the time has gone.

Brenna H (age 3 and age 8)

Maggie L (age 8 and age 12)

Suddenly, your baby ballerina is old enough to have pointe shoes, and you think how quickly time passes.

Audrey H (age 8 and age 12)

Brylee B (age 3 and age 13)

Your dancer will appreciate her dance photos when she is older and trying to tell her own children about what she formerly could do as a dancer (might be speaking from personal experience here).  These dancers will definitely want to save these photos to show their own children someday.

Katie G – Brylee B – Cierra L

If for no other reason, it’s a good idea to take dance pictures so you can remember what was popular when you were a kid (like tinsel dance skirts!).  Check out this embarrassing photo of Bridget and me circa 1989!    Sister Photo 1989


Center Stage recital photos will be on April 23-24.  We would love to capture some of these great memories for you.  Here is the picture schedule.  We have photo pricing information at the front desk.  Hope to see all of your beautiful smiles next month at pictures!

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