Center Stage Dancers Featured in Cedar Park Police Department’s National Night Out Video

Lights!  Camera!  Dance!  We were recently invited to dance in a video for the Cedar Park Police Department to promote National Night Out.  Camera equipment and costumed characters made their way into the dance studio to set up.  Our dancers eyes lit up with excitement.  They were ready to perform!

Some sections were freestyle while others were choreographed.  We were so proud of our dancers’ show of confidence throughout the various takes.  Let’s just say they were far from camera shy.  Here’s what a few of our dancers said about the  experience when asked, “What was your favorite part about dancing in the video?”:

“Getting to dance crazy with my friends!” – Oliva W, age 7

“Being on camera!” – Rylee J, age 9

“My favorite part of making the video was dancing with the characters like the dog and the knight.” – Penelope JQ, age 9

“I liked the part when the camera was on me and I danced crazy with my friends!” – Phoebe, age 5



Thank you Cedar Park Police Department for all you do to keep us all safe every day and a special thanks for including our dancers in this fun video!

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