Dance in Leander: Choosing Dance Costumes!

Our teachers at Center Stage are pretty excited right now.  We have that feeling that you used to get when the Christmas Wish Book arrived in your mail box.  I’m sure you parents remember the feeling.  The picture below captures the feeling of excitement at all the possibilities.  We may not be circling Barbie Dream Houses and My Little Ponies anymore, but the feeling is very similar.  It’s costume selection time!

Sears Wish Book Cover 1985:
Our teachers at Center Stage in Leander feel this kind of excitement when the dance costume books arrive in the mail!

Just like those Sears Wish Books, the costume catalogs arrive in the mailbox.  The teachers begin perusing all the costume choices through the catalogs and online.  There are so many choices!  By this time, we have our music selected for our competition routines.  Soon, we will have our music selected for recital dances too.  I know it seems really early since recital isn’t even until June, but we are already busy planning.

Finding the right costume for each dance takes some time.  We look through the catalogs, then online, then back through the catalogs, and then back online until we finally narrow down our selections.  Some costume selections come easily as if they were made specifically for the dance we have in mind while others take more time to find the perfect one.

Teachers at Leander in Center Stage are busy choosing the perfect dance costumes for each of their dance classes.

Once all the costumes are chosen, they are entered into a huge spreadsheet full of style numbers, costume companies, accessories, etc.  We then make a costume book of the selections to show our dance families.  We know you will be just as excited as we are to see the costumes.  Our Company Costume book will be ready for show in October and our Class Costume book will be ready for show in November.  We can’t wait to share the costumes with all of you.

A few fun facts:

  • We have 70+ classes for which to order costumes
  • We have 30+ solos for whom to order costumes
  • We will order approximately 500+ costumes!


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