Dance in Leander: How to Make the Perfect Ballet Bun

Ballet buns are part of our dance class dress code here at Center Stage in Leander.  For all of our Ballet classes, we expect the dancers’ hair to be pulled back into a nice, neat ballet bun.  Aside from ballet buns being the traditional hair style for ballet dancers, there are some other important reasons that ballet dancers wear their hair in a bun.

  1.  Coming prepared to class in appropriate dance attire, ballet shoes, and hair pulled back neatly in a bun shows the dancer is ready for class.
  2.  A ballet bun extends the neckline of the dancer and allows the ballet teacher to see proper alignment and head placement.
  3.  Ballet buns keep the dancer’s attention on dancing rather than dancer’s being distracted by hair falling into their face.
  4.  Most importantly, when a dancer’s hair is pulled back in a ballet bun, their hair does not whip them in the face when executing turns.
One of our dancers here at Center Stage in Leander shows how a beautiful ballet bun extends the neckline.


Steps to Make a Traditional Ballet Bun:

  1. Brush all hair back neatly into a ponytail.
  2. Begin twisting hair and lead the hair into a cinnamon roll pattern.  Use one hand to hold the twisted hair flat to the head.
  3. Use pins to secure the twisted hair as you go.  Secure any loose hairs with pins.
  4. Use hairspray to hold it in place.


Here is a YouTube video tutorial that does a great job of showing how to make a ballet bun.

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