Dance in Leander: Dance Friends

At Center Stage in Leander, we love watching our dancers form lasting friendships throughout their dance years.  Our dancers spend a lot of time together each week in their dance classes as well as at dance camps, intensives, company events, and conventions.  It is a blessing to see these friendships develop over time.

Throughout the summer, we offer several different dance camps for our younger dancers as well as dance intensive weeks for our older dancers.  In both the camps and intensives, our dancers learn new skills and make new friends!

Jungle Camp
Cute little lions at our Jungle Dance Camp at Center Stage in Leander.

We start our dance year out for the company dancers with a pool party.  They love seeing their dance friends again who they might have not seen over the summer.  The pool party is always a fun celebration and gets all of our dancers excited for the year ahead.

Aug 16 020
Dance Company Pool Party at Veterans Memorial Pool in Leander

Our Company Camps happen in August before our fall classes begin.  During these dance camps, our competitive dancers meet their new team members and start learning their competition dances.

Achieve Co Camp
Achieve Company Camp at Center Stage in Leander

How cute are these three little dance friends?  These cuties are in the Tumble class together.  We love seeing our youngest dancers making friends at the dance studio.

Dance friends

One of the most popular events among our older company dancers is the lock-in.   A favorite game at the lock-in is the scavenger hunt where we send the girls off to find a pointe shoe, a stray bobby pin, a ponytail holder, etc.  They also love to play sardines which can prove to be very interesting as there are not many good hiding places inside of a dance studio!

Dance Company Lock-In
Dance friends make the best friends!

Check back in to see pictures of our next events coming up including a dance convention at Great Wolf Lodge, more dance intensives, and a Christmas performance at the Old Town Leander festival.


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