Dance in Leander: Costume Party

We had a blast this past Saturday night at our Costume Party/Parents’ Night Out.  Parents had a chance to go out on a date or just relax at home while their kids were having a ball at our Costume Party.  The students arrived in the most adorable costumes from superheroes to princesses to minions and more!  We kept them very busy with lots of fun activities.

The students worked on their creative process, costume design, and character development by creating monsters from various shapes.  We were very impressed with their show of creativity.  After creating their characters, they had a chance to dance like their characters in free dance time to “Thriller”.  To make it even spookier, we turned out the lights and put on the strobe light.

Students at Center Stage in Leander working on their creative process.
Students showing off their creative character development.

We played several dance games.  One was charades where the students had to dance like different characters including a bat, a witch, a pumpkin, a vampire, and more.  The students had a blast with our mummy wrapping game too.  We divided the students into three teams and gave each team a roll of toilet paper.  They wrapped up a team member and tried to create the best mummy costume.  You can see their beautiful costume designs below.

One of the beautiful costume designs from our Costume Party at Center Stage in Leander.
Another creative costume design.

We wish you all a safe and fun Halloween!


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