Dance in Leander: Tips to Prepare for a Dance Convention

Our competitive dancers at Center Stage in Leander are gearing up for a great weekend at Showstoppers dance convention this weekend.  To help our dancers get the most out of the convention, we thought we would share a few tips to ensure the best convention experience.

Leander dance students watching a dance combination at Showstoppers

What to Wear:

  • Dancers should wear comfortable form-fitting dance clothes that they can dance in all day and feel confident in.
  • Dancers should pack all dance shoes they own.  You never know what you might need!
  • Dress in layers.  The convention ballrooms where dance classes are taught are often very cold.
  • Center Stage dancers should wear a CS leotard on Saturday if they have one.

Taking Dance Classes:

  • Try a variety of classes.  Dance conventions often offer dance classes that your local studio might not offer such as Jazz Funk, Belly Dance, and Clogging.  Trying new classes and styles makes you a more well-versed dancer.
  • Find a spot on the floor where you can actually dance.  Students like to be very close to the stage; however, it is very difficult to dance in a crowd.  Spread out so you can try the new moves you are learning.
  • Watch closely and pay attention when the convention teacher is teaching.  With a large class, the teacher can not answer several individual questions.  Watch the teacher and assistants to learn the answers to your questions.  If you still have a question after watching, then look for an assistant to ask.
  • Keep dancing!  Convention classes are designed to be challenging, and the dances are taught quickly.  Don’t give up – just keep on dancing!
Dance students from Center Stage in Leander taking a Bollywood class at Showstoppers dance convention.

Convention Etiquette:

  • Silence your cell phones (students and parents).
  • No talking.  Students should focus on the choreography being taught.
  • Place your dance bags under the chairs against the walls.  Try to leave as much dance floor space for all dancers as possible.
  • Share the dance floor.  All dancers should share the dance floor and be considerate of other dancers.
  • Dress like a ballerina for ballet class (leotards, tights, and a ballet bun).  It is a sign of respect to dress in appropriate ballet attire for a ballet class.


And, our most important tip of all – Have Fun!  Our dancers at Center Stage in Leander love going to conventions to spend time with their fellow dancers, and a little time at an indoor water park never hurts either!

Dancers from Center Stage in Leander at Great Wolf Lodge for the Showstoppers dance convention.


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