Dance in Leander: 3 Tips for Storing Your Dance Costumes

Our first costume order for the recital has been placed!  Our costumes will be in route to Leander in the next couple of months.  Once you receive your dance costumes, here are a few tips for storing them to keep them in great shape for the big day.

  1.  Hanging Dance Costumes – When you first open your dance costume bag, lay out all costume pieces and accessories.  Hang the costume, and place all accessories in a plastic bag.  Cut a hole in the plastic bag to hang the accessory bag onto the hanger.  You can reinforce the bag with packaging tape before cutting the hole if desired.  Costumes that have a tutu with an attached leotard can be hung upside down through the hole of the legs.  This helps the tutu keep shape and protects sequins, etc. from rubbing against other costumes.
Dance costumes for students at Center Stage dance studio in Leander.

2.  Removing Wrinkles from Dance Costumes – Costumes usually arrive folded into tiny packaging which produces a lot of wrinkles.  The best way to remove wrinkles from your dance costumes is to use a steamer.  If you do not have a steamer, you can gently pull on the tutu to release some of the wrinkles.  An alternative to using a steamer is to hang the costume in a bathroom and let the steam from the shower release some of the wrinkles.  Be sure to hang the costume where it will not get wet.  Some fabrics can tolerate a cool iron with a thin towel placed between the iron and the costume material.   Be sure to check the label of the costume before using an iron.

3.  Label Your Costumes – The accessory bag doesn’t only keep your costume pieces organized; it also serves as a great way to label them too.  We recommend also writing your name on the inside tag of your costumes, tights, and back of hair pieces if possible as well.  When everyone’s costume and accessories look the same, it is easy to get them mixed up backstage.  A little organization before the show, makes for a much more relaxed backstage experience!

Example of a costume with an accessory bag.  Students at Center Stage dance studio in Leander are encouraged to label all pieces of their dance costumes before the recital.

Caring for your dance recital costumes before the show will ensure that you look your best on the day of the show!

All U Can Eat0000265
Students at Center Stage dance studio in Leander looking adorable in their dance recital costumes.

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