Dance in Leander: You Know You’re a Dance Mom If . . .

We are in the middle of our dance competition season right now here at Center Stage in Leander.  As I am preparing my own kids’ dance bags and costumes for competition this weekend, I began thinking about all the “crazy” things we dance moms do which inspired this post.  So, without further ado, you know you’re a dance mom if:

  1.  You find bobby pins all over your house!
  2.  You pack a dance competition bag that is larger than the suitcase you use for a week-long vacation.
  3.  You have ever squeezed a meal in between a dance performance and awards.
  4.   You have ever blinged a costume, and you are not a costume designer.

    One of our dance moms at Center Stage in Leander applied tons of rhinestones to make this awesome Elvis costume.  This dance won Best Costume Award!
  5.  You bring extra hair spray, safety pins, earrings, and even tights in case someone on the team (not even your own child) forgot theirs.
  6.  You know what “foot undeez” are.  Can they not come up with a better name?
  7.   You know how to do buns, french braids, and maybe even victory rolls.

    These Center Stage dancers look amazing with their 1940s hair victory rolls.  Great job dance mamas!
  8.   You have a designated closet in your house just for dance costumes.  And everyone knows not to go near the dance costumes!  They are sacred (especially if they have been blinged)!
  9.  You have ever lugged huge props back and forth to the studio, your home, and competitions all year because your choreographer had a brilliant idea for you to dance on a box or a table or a mountain!
  10.  Some of your best friends are other dance moms.


Seeing our kids shine on the stage, having fun with their friends backstage, and supporting one another is every bit worth the “crazy”!  We can’t wait to see all of our dancers shine on stage this coming weekend.

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