Back to Dance: Dance in Leander

Our fall classes have started! The start of classes is such an exciting time at the studio. We get to see all of our returning students as well as welcome new students into our dance family. Everyone is rested from the summer and ready to get back to dancing! The vibe is fresh, positive, and fun.

How cute are these little dancers ready for their first dance class of the season at Center Stage in Leander?

Some of our students have been dancing together for several years. For these students, back to dance means getting to see their dance friends again. They probably have at least a few dance classes together. Below are a few dance friends who have been students at Center Stage for 4-5 years already. They started dancing in our pre-school classes and still dance together now!

Dance students at Center Stage in Leander after a jazz class.

Our teachers are also excited about the new dance year. With new songs, new choreography, and new teaching concepts to try in their classes, they look forward to the start of a fresh new year. We set goals for our students and ourselves. We love watching the students progress in their dance classes.

One of our competitive dance teams doing a team building activity at Center Stage in Leander.

Pictured above is one of our competitive dance teams at their company camp in August. Each of our competitive teams has a company camp in August to get to start their competition dance choreography and get to know their teammates better. In the activity pictured above, the girls created a “web of positivity” by saying something nice about another dancer and passing the string to a friend. We love starting out the new dance year with these fun team building activities.

It’s not too late to register for classes for the year! Give us a call today at 512-259-0445. We would love to have you join our Center Stage dance family.

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