Friday Night Lights: Dance in Leander

Ms. Michelle with her dance students who are now captains of the Glen Guardians in Leander and the Liberty Belles in Liberty Hill.

Friday Night Lights! For all those who live in the South , you know this is a big deal. Several of our dance students participate in their junior high and high school dance teams. For many of our younger students, their goal is to make their school dance team and/or make officer of their team.

This year a unique thing happened. Two of our students who took classes since they were little girls made captain of their school dance teams. One is the captain of the Glen Guardians in Leander, and one is the captain of the Liberty Belles in Liberty Hill. Their teams ended up playing each other in one of the first games of the season at Leander High School stadium. After their halftime performances, the captains and other officers get to hang out with each other. I got to take a picture with these two young ladies who I taught when they were just little girls. Now, they are both beautiful and confident leaders. The best part is now they both have started teaching with us. It was a memorable moment to see them both reaching their goals and shining on the field!

Each week, we are blessed to get to teach our students. Whether they are there just to try dance out for a while, they want to make their school dance team, or they want to continue dancing into college, we are there to encourage our students and inspire a love of dance in them. If we get to watch them reach their dance goals and become leaders, that’s just an extra bonus!

  • Providing quality dance classes to the Leander, Cedar Park, and Liberty Hill area since 2004.
  • Voted Best Dance Studio in Leander and Cedar Park!

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