“Lean on Me” – Dance in Leander

Center Stage students and teachers in Leander, TX “hold hands” during quarantine.

2020 was rolling along just fine until suddenly everything stopped. We left for spring break not knowing that we wouldn’t be returning to the dance studio any time soon. We quickly pivoted to learn more than we ever wished to know about zoom. Our students began online classes, and we continued teaching and learning and growing albeit in a new and unexpected way.

Not long into our time of online classes, we came up with a fun idea to unite with one another even when we had to be apart. Our idea was to create a video project with the song “Lean on Me.” The youngest dancers learned a lyrical dance combination in their online dance class which we recorded in their class. Our older students and teachers each had their own part of the dance that they recorded at home and then sent to us. One of our talented students, Elyssa, then edited the video to form one united dance. The end product is a touching and moving piece depicting this unprecedented time.

We hope that the dancers enjoyed participating in the video creation and will remember that during hard times, we can lean on one another to get through. We are looking forward to seeing our dancers in the dance studio very soon!

Here is the link to the Lean on Me video. We hope you enjoy it!

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