Center Stage Company Auditions 2020-2021: Dance in Leander

We are looking forward to our next season of dance! Although our dance season this year was cut short due to covid, we still made some great memories with our dance friends. It’s time to host our auditions for the upcoming season. Auditions for both our Jazz/Lyrical and Hip-Hop Companies will take place in the studio on June 19th. Our times are broken up to adhere to social distancing, and students must pre-register to save their audition spot.

Our Jazz/Lyrical Companies are for ages 4-18 years, and our Hip-Hop Companies are for ages 6-18 years.. During the audition, students will learn a short dance combination as well as perform some across-the-floor progressions and center skills. We will be looking at their ability to pick up choreography, their technical skill, and their showmanship. Students who are ready for company will receive a letter stating which company team they have been placed on. Students who are not quite ready for company will receive a letter with class recommendations best suited for their level.

At Center Stage in Leander, our dance company members are only required to take 2-3 hours of dance per week. Our youngest Jazz/Lyrical dance company members and all of our hip-hop company members are required to take two classes per week. For Jazz/Lyrical Company, dancers take their company class as well as a ballet class. For Hip-Hop Company, dancers take their company class and a class of their choice. All of our other Jazz/Lyrical Company members are required to take three classes per week including their company class, company ballet technique, and a class of their choice. Several of our dancers choose to take more than the required amount of hours.

Our lower required hours allows our dancers to participate in other activities such as sports or school dance teams. Our dancers perform very well at competition, and our hope is that the dancers can find balance between competitive dance, sports, other activities, school, and family time.

We attend three competitions in the spring which are usually around the Austin area. In the fall, our dancers attend an optional dance convention. We also perform at various local events such as the Old Town Leander Christmas Festival, nursing home visits, Living Leander Business Expo, and the Old Town Street Festival.

Company is for the serious dance student who wishes to grow as a dancer. Dancers are expected to attend all classes and put forth their best effort in every class. As a Center Stage Company member, you will be part of a team; you will build beautiful friendships, and you will be guided to reach your potential as a dancer and performer.

Audition times are as follows:

4:30-5:00 – Jazz/Lyrical ages 4-6 

5:00-5:30 – Jazz/Lyrical ages 7-8 

5:30-6:00 – Jazz/Lyrical ages 9-10 

6:00-6:30 – Jazz/Lyrical ages 11+ 

6:30-7:00 –  Hip-Hop ages 6-8

7:00-7:30 – Hip-Hop ages 9-10

7:30-8:00 – Hip-Hop ages 11+

You can e-mail to pre-register for an audition time. Audition cost is $10. For more information, join us on Monday, June 15th for an optional, informational parent meeting via zoom at 6PM. E-mail us for login information and/or any questions at

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