Company Camps: Dance in Leander

The start of the new year is always an exciting time! Here at Center Stage in Leander, the start of our competitive dance year begins in August, and the start of our regular dance classes begins in September. New classes, new friends, and new dance styles brings about a sense of excitement and renewed energy around here.

Our company camps (Jazz/Lyrical and Hip-Hop Companies) have been going on for the past two weeks. We have enjoyed seeing the dancers back in the studio ready to learn and set new goals for the year. We had fun playing “getting to know you” games, doing team building activities, and learning the beginning of our company dances. The dancers all worked really hard in their dance classes. We had such a fun time in camp and look forward to a great year together! We hope you enjoy some these pics and videos from some of our dance company camps.

Heat Hip-Hop Crew working on tricks and skills in Company Camp.
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