Dance in Leander: Pointe Shoe Trip!

Our pre-pointe dancers all recently went to get fitted for their very first pair of pointe shoes. This is such an exciting time in a dancer’s life. Dancing on pointe takes years of ballet training, great strength, and dedication. It’s not easy – it’s painful and challenging and exhausting. But it’s also rewarding, graceful, and beautiful! We can’t wait to watch these dancers grow in their ballet training through pointe work.

This year we ended up making two pointe trips as some of the girls were out sick for the first trip. We made our way from Leander to downtown Austin to get fitted at Movin’ Easy. They help the girls try on several different pairs of pointe shoes to get the perfect fit.

Lizzy and Emma getting fitted for their first pointe shoes.
Brenna showing off her new pointe shoes.

Back at Center Stage, Ms. Kassie gave the girls a sewing lesson to learn how to properly sew their own ribbons and elastics onto their pointe shoes. It’s important for the dancers to know how to take care of their shoes including sewing ribbons/elastic and storing their shoes. The girls enjoyed learning all about how to take care of their pointe shoes with Ms. Kassie.

Dancers at Center Stage in Leander learning how to sew the ribbons and elastic on their pointe shoes.

Now, the hard work begins. These girls will begin learning the proper technique to start dancing on pointe. They will certainly face some challenges as they adjust to pointe shoes rather than flat shoes, but we know that with the level of dedication that these dancers exhibit, they will meet their goals. We look forward to watching them accomplish their goals and grow as dancers.

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