The Gift of Dance

Do you want to give your child/grandchild a gift that they will remember?  Most presents are forgotten about after a month or two.  By giving the gift of dance lessons, you are giving your child/grandchild the gift of so much more.  Dance teaches so many wonderful lessons that you can’t wrap up in a box.  Here’s what you will be giving your child when you gift them with dance lessons.

  1.  The Gift of Friendship – Dance friends are the best of friends!
  2.    The Gift of Discipline – Learning ballet (or any other type of dance) doesn’t happen in a day.  A dancer continues perfecting their technique for life.  They grow to appreciate the artistry of dance.  Whether they continue dancing or take another path, they will always appreciate dance.

    Ballet students focusing on technique during a ballet class at Center Stage in Leander.
  3.  The Gift of Accomplishment – The students pictured below received their Pointe certificates which means they were ready to start dancing on pointe after years of ballet training.  An accomplishment that takes years to earn teaches pride and confidence.

    Oct 2015 069
    Students at Center Stage in Leander earning their pointe certificates during their ballet class.
  4. The Gift of Performance – Most students love performing. Performances give the students a chance to shine and also build their sense of confidence.

    Center Stage dance students in Leander performing at the Living Leander Expo.
  5. The Gift of Memories -Dancing in the same class as your dance friends every week throughout the year and then performing with them at the recital creates lots of fun memories that your dancer will remember for a lifetime.

    If you are interested in giving the gift of dance lessons, contact us at 512-259-0445.


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