From Dance Classes to the Pool!

Each year at Center Stage in Leander, we kick off the start of our Company classes with a pool party.  Our competitive dancers put aside their leotards and ballet shoes for a while for swimsuits and goggles instead.  The pool party allows our dancers to meet their new dance team members and celebrate the start of the dance year together.  All of our company members from our youngest to our oldest dancers are invited to come out and have some fun at a local pool in Leander just down the road from the dance studio.  We had a great time celebrating the start of company dance classes!

Aug 16 024
Some of our younger dancers enjoying the pool.
Aug 16 016
The cutest cookie cake ever!  Our dancers loved it.
Aug 16 021
This might be the most fun dance event for the brothers.  I’m sure they prefer a pool party over a day of dance competition.
Aug 16 022
These dancers had a great day hanging out together at the pool.
Aug 16 025
Our Center Stage dancers loved showing off their dance moves while jumping from this platform.
Aug 16 020
We had a great day at this pool in Leander celebrating the start of company dance classes and another great year!


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