Center Stage in Leander: Dance Company Camps Part Two

We have had so much fun getting to know our newest dance company members and catching up with our old dance friends.  Our second and third week of Company Camps were a great success.  We got to know our dance team friends and started learning our competition choreography.  This is always an exciting time at the studio with new friends and new dances!

Aug 16 050
Our Sparkle Company.  Cutest little dancers!

Our youngest team is Sparkle.  They sure worked hard in their dance classes during Company Camp.  They are excited about their new dance to “Viva Las Vegas” and their new costumes which will have lots of feathers!

Aug 16 051
Pom dance at Center Stage in Leander is always fun!

Our Pom Company girls worked really hard in their dance classes learning their new, very fast pom dance routine.  We can’t wait to see them perform this routine.

Aug 16 030
Our Hip-Hop Company dancers at Center Stage in Leander.

Our Hip Hop Company girls were ready to start learning their new dances for the new dance year, and they were excited to see their dance friends again after the summer break.

Aug 16 021
Ignite Company dancers worked hard in all of their dance classes at Center Stage in Leander during their Company Camp.

These girls in Ignite Company came to their dance classes full of excitement for the new dance year.  They started working on their contemporary dance during their Company Camp.

One of our favorite parts of Company Camp is the getting to know you and team building activities.  It is so important to us to foster friendships among our dance team girls.  They spend a lot of time each week in the studio together.  We want them to support and encourage one another in all of their dance classes and outside of the dance studio as well.

Aug 16 016
Getting to know you games are so much fun!

The girls played a getting to know you “People Bingo” game which included several squares on a sheet of paper.  In each square was a description such as “can do their splits on both sides”, “loves ballet the most”, “traveled to a different country”, etc.  The dancers then found a team member who fits that description.

Aug 16 020
At Center Stage in Leander, we want our dancers to learn dance in a positive, encouraging environment.  Our “web of positivity” was a great reinforcer of our mission.

We had a lot of fun with this team building activity.  In fact, we may include it from time to time in our dance classes at Center Stage.  This was the result of our “web of positivity”.  We started with a spool of string.  The first person said something they like about one of their teammates and then tossed the spool to that person.  We continued on until everyone had said something they like about each of their teammates such as “your dancing is so graceful” or “you always give 110% in every dance class” or “you always have the perfect hair bun”!  The girls enjoyed both giving and receiving compliments, and we ended up with a pretty cool looking web.

We have one more team who will have their Company Camp in September.  We can’t wait to start another wonderful dance year with all of our classes!  We will see you all starting Sept. 6th.


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