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It’s a New Dance Year!

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With temperatures still in the 90s, we can’t quite tell that fall has rolled around.  Fall brings cooler temperatures, new school years, pumpkin spice lattes, and most importantly, a new dance year!

The start of a new dance year brings exciting changes, opportunities, and a renewed love for dance.  It’s not that we really lose our love for dance throughout the year, but by the end of the year the teachers and the students alike are really tired of hearing their recital or competition songs for the 100th or more time.  Throughout the summer, the teachers search and search and then search some more to find the perfect song for each of their classes.  They then begin thinking about choreography and costumes and creating their visions for the recital.  As they get to know their dancers, they make adjustments to their choreography to make sure each dancer is feeling both confident and challenged.  It’s exciting!

From our youngest to our oldest dancers, the new dance year brings opportunity for growth as a dancer as well as the opportunity to make new friends.  We love watching our youngest dancers come into the studio with their pink tutus and huge smiles!  We also love watching our older dancers hanging out with their dance friends in the lobby talking about what they did over the summer.  We watch our new company dancers coming in with a bit of nervousness, but those nerves soon turn to smiles as they get to know the other dancers on their team.  It’s exciting!

This year we have added new teachers as well as an office manager, Monica.  You all will see Monica around the studio.  She is looking forward to getting to know all of our Center Stage families.  You will also see some new faces as we have added three new teachers –  Cornesha, Alissa, and Emma.  These ladies are all excited to be a part of the Center Stage family.  You can read a little more about their backgrounds on our website.

We thank you all for choosing Center Stage!  We look forward to a great new dance year together (and cooler temperatures too)!

Almost There!

We aren’t quite to all the fun finish out yet, but we are getting there!  A couple of weeks ago we went to select all the flooring for the studio.  We had to make 3 trips back to the flooring store to pick up all the flooring in my husband’s truck.  That’s a lot of flooring!  We also received our shipment of new dance flooring.  We will have Harlequin Allegro dance floors in our largest room, Stagestep Dancestep floors in Studio B, and Stagestep Bravo marley dance floors in Studio A and Studio D.  Our dancers are going to love dancing on our new dance floors!

Aug. 14 012I did have a lot of fun choosing light fixtures.  We will have some pretty wall sconces in the hallway.  They will dim to create great viewing through our large mirrored windows.  I also got to select ceiling fans for the studios and for the patio.  Our dancers and teachers are going to love the ceiling fans in the dance rooms, and the parents are going to love the patio fans!  I also selected a beautiful chandelier for our front entrance from The Green Door in Leander.  It was custom painted, and it is magnificent!  You will have to come by to see it when we are open.  It’s too beautiful to reveal in a photo. 

July 14 162It’s starting to look a little more like the finished building.  We will be painting the columns white and adding dark gray stucco under the canopy.  I can’t wait to get our sign made and see our Center Stage logo sitting beautifully above the canopy centered in the light gray area.  We are waiting to get our parking lot and patio poured.  After that, they will be able to work on the landscaping.

Aug. 14 185A sneak peek inside:

This is the waiting area looking out onto the covered patio.

Aug. 14 186

This is the changing room and front desk area with an office and dance shoe closet in back.

Aug. 14 188

A look at Studio C.  Now we just need to add mirrors, barres, ceiling fans, and dance floors.  Then we will be able to dance!

Aug. 14 193A look into Studio B. 

Aug. 14 194Our little assistants helping Daddy and Grandpa lay the tile floors in the bathroom.

Aug. 14 196I have to send a shout out to my husband and father-in-law for the work they have done and will do to make the studio look beautiful.  My husband and nephew did all of the trim work, and my husband and father-in-law will be laying all of the 3 truckloads of flooring plus all the dance floors!  I’m sure glad my husband comes from a family who owns a construction business and that he has a degree in construction science.  It sure comes in handy!

Aug. 14 198We are getting so close to the finished product.  I can’t wait to see it all come together.

Fall at the Studio

The crisp breeze and the falling leaves tell us fall has arrived.  It seems like we were just having open houses and enrolling students for the dance year.  Now, it’s almost time to break out the leg warmers! 

Spring at the studio means recital pictures, dance competitions, cheer competitions, workshops, rehearsals, and finally the year-end recital.  So, what does the fall look like around here?  Preparation.  Many of our students have already had a chance to see what their costumes will look like for the big show.  Their faces light up as they see the sparkly costumes and imagine themselves wearing them on the stage.  Several of our competitive dancers have already received their costumes.  The day each dancer receives their recital costume is a little like Christmas morning around here!  Just as torn pieces of wrapping paper are strewn about your living room floor on Christmas morning, sequins and glitter cover our studio floors, and smiles abound.

Our company dancers are busily preparing their routines for competition season.  For all of our other classes, teachers are choosing the perfect song and perfect costumes that will make each dancer shine on the stage.  The teachers are busy editing music and choreographing for those recital pieces.  Teachers are preparing students by teaching technique, new dance steps, and combinations.  All of this goes into a recital dance long before the dancers even learn the first step.


In addition to the fun of preparing dances and costumes, fall is fun around here for several more reasons like:

1.  Halloween dress-up week – You can check out all of our adorable dancers in costume on our Facebook page.


2.  new cozy Center Stage sweatpants


3.  leg warmers!

4.  Most importantly, hanging out with your old dance friends and forming friendships with your new dance friends!